On December 3, in Moscow, specialists from all over the world will talk about the results of using of exoskeletons in the rehabilitation of patients with VCST, disseminated (multiple) sclerosis, cerebral palsy, the consequences of a stroke and share their practical experience of working with patients in severe, early and late recovery periods.
Development Director and Co-Founder, ExoAtlet
Senior research scientist at Duke University, PhD
Head of the Center for Bioelectric Interfaces of the Institute of Cognitive Neurosciences, HSE, PhD
Russian Physician, M.D., Surgeon, and Rehabilitologist. Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor. Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation
PhD, Head of the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine of the Clinical Hospital No.1 GC "Medsi" JSC
Head of the Medical Rehabilitation Service at the L.A.Vorokhobov City Clinical Hospital No.67
Head of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Health Resort "Privolzhsky" under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation"
W. J. Janssen
Amsterdam Rehabilitation Research Center, Center for Adapted Sports Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department of Behaviour and Movement Sciences, Amsterdam Movement Sciences, the Netherlands
Dr. Habil., Leading Researcher of the State Budgetary Health and Recreational Healthcare Institution "Glinka Scientific Research Institute of Pediatric Resorts, Physiotherapy, and Medical Rehabilitation, Military Children's Sanatorium
D.M., doctor, professor, head of the neurological department of the Moscow Region's Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute
Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Scientific Research Institute of Mechanics of Moscow State University, Scientific Supervisor of the ExoAtlet project
T.W. Kim
National Traffic Injured Rehabilitation Hospital
Chief Specialist in Medical Rehabilitation of the N.I. Pirogov National Medical Center, Dr. Habil., Member of the Worldwide Neuro Rehabilitation WFNR
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Culture and Medical Rehabilitation at the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of High Education of the Northern State Medical University (Arkhangelsk) under the Ministry of Health of Russia
Chief Doctor of the Clinical Hospital No.2 Federal Budgetary Health Institution "Privolzhsky District Medical Center"
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Deputy Chief Doctor for Medical Units of the Clinical Hospital No.2
Candidate of Biological Sciences, Leading Researcher of the Laboratory of Clinical Neurophysiology and Neuro Rehabilitation Technologies, Head of Neuro Rehabilitation Unit at the Center for Spinal Pathology at the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology under the Ministry of Health of Russia
PhD, Scientific leader on medical rehabilitation, The Central Clinical Hospital of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. Associate professor of Assistive physical culture, Russian State Social University
is a continuous long process that combines walking in the exoskeleton with other rehabilitation methods, which improves patient's condition and leads to a partial or even complete recovery of the ability to walk.
begins in the inpatient hospital at the first stage of rehabilitation after stabilization of the patient's condition, then it continues at the second and third stage, moving from the inpatient to the outpatient form with training few times a week in medical institutions or institutions of social protection. Patients who cannot attend medical institutions can take a course at home with the help of mobile teams.
is just a new, but already stable trend, that appeared due to amazing results obtained through faith, courage, routine work of many people... and, of course, love. Love for our patients, for our profession, for researching of new opportunities and for expanding of the boundaries of the possible, love for science and for people. 
All over the world,
in every country, there are
people who dream of standing on their feet.
By developing and producing of exoskeletons, we create a tool for doctors and patients that will help thousands of people return to full-fledged life”.
Ekaterina Bereziy, Director for Development, OOO “ExoAthlet” (LLC)
All over the world,
in every country,
there are people who dream of standingon their feet.
“The event shows a certain result of work of last years, achievements that we can be proud of, and opens new roads and new directions”.
Konstantin Viktorovich Lyadov, M.D., Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation  
All over the world,
in every country,
there are people who dream of standingon their feet.
“The called results give a great opportunity to look back and enjoy the victories, and look forward with a great prospect.”
Elena Georgievna Bondarenko, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor of Department of Physical Training and Medical Rehabilitation, FSBEI of HE “Northern State Medical University” (Arkhangelsk), Ministry of Health of Russia
All over the world,
in every country,
there are people who dream of standingon their feet.
To research is to investigate something purposefully, systematically. As Mendeleev noted: "Science begins where measurements begin." We have a long road ahead. The results of the research inspire us by presenting new questions and new challenges. It is a thin fabric of facts, and anyone who looks at it pulls out different threads and weaves them in a unique way.
  • experience exchange between Russian
    and foreign colleagues;
  • evidence of effectiveness
    and new developed techniques;
  • prospects for the development of ExoRehabilitation
    in inpatient, outpatient form and at home.
We believe
in reco-
of walking.
We have a dream to find and offer the world the best combination of techniques combined with walking in the exoskeleton, which will allow people of a strong spirit, ready to train and go ahead, to refuse from the wheelchair and start walking again”.
ExoAtlet team.